Konservator JS performes all occuring workmanship within the occupation. That is, among other things, mounts of birds, mammals, gameheads and fish.

Konservator JS are making mounts for hunters, fishers, sportsmen and institutions among others.

At Konservator JS, you are guarenteed a good piece of work.


Jeanette Setterberg is one of very few swedish taxidermists that are authorized by the swedish taxidermists organisation in all five parts: birds, small mammals, gameheads, large mammals and fish.

Taxidermist Jeanette Setterberg has 36 years of full time experience in taxidermy.

Konservator JS has the compulsory profession licence from the county administration and a compulsory licence (SE 2711TP) from the Board of aggriculture for a taxidermists tecnical premises.


Contact taxidermist Jeanette Setterberg by calling +46 (0) 70 3378 331 or fill in the form where this link takes you and follow the english instructions.